Thanks for the 2014 Bingo

bingo-2014Dear Schoenstatt Family,

The Bingo was a success thanks to the great work of Ana María Álvaro and each Head of the different committees along with their teams. What amazed me the most was everyone’s support working side-by-side to overcome the obstacles we encounter in events of this nature.

I also would like to thank Gustavo and Belsay Méndez that did an excellent job as moderators of the event. We are very thankful to all the people that made small or big donations, as well as for the delicious food that contributed to the success we had.

Everything that we did was for Mary, our Mother, her shrine and for our Founding Father. I believe they must have been very happy and satisfied, especially our Queen, because all of you gave 100%.

I hope that we can soon publish the names of the winners of the raffle and the results of the Bingo in the web.

With a fully deserved praise for the whole family.

United in the Covenant,

Sister Miriam

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